Game Warden Story in Nebraska

Gary Ralston was born in Kansas during the era of the Great Depression and the devastating Dust Bowl. These two situations likely contributed to him being a victim of a broken home. He lived most of his first ten years being raised by his grandparents. His granddad was his mentor and best friend and introduced him to hunting and fishing sports at a young age. This led to a love for the great outdoors because “he would always take me along with him and his friends when they went on hunting or fishing trips,” Gary explained. This led him to seeing a Game Warden at a very young age and being so impressed by the encounter, he determined that being a Game Warden was what he wanted to be when he grew up.

His fantasy job was to be a Warden in Crawford, Nebraska, in the beautiful Pine Ridge Country. His fantasy could have become a reality. Fortunately, he was hired as a Warden in 1966 after working for the Game Department for about 15 years. He was offered the position at the Crawford station. Because of the economy, he chose to turn down the transfer. He would finish his forty years as a Game Warden in Northeast Nebraska, working on the Missouri River and a beautiful area of Nebraska. He retired in 2005, hoping he had done a satisfactory job protecting wildlife and natural resources. He feels extremely blessed to have been able to have a job he truly loves to do, and he believes it provides many positives to society.

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