The Game Warden and His Friend, Otto

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The book is a collection of stories and situations a game warden will encounter in his work. The work can be difficult and very disheartening and at times very gratifying. Wardens do much more than enforcing fish and game law, and many of these activities are noted. I have offered a few tips about hunting and fishing, which I have learned during my seventy-five years of participation in these activities and observations gathered while spending countless hours in the great outdoors. The goal of this book is to inform the public about a warden's life and the many things he is involved with in his work. I'm sure there will be some who will be critical of what I've put on paper, but I can assure you, what I've written ain't fiction. I hope you purchase a copy of my book, read it with an open mind, enjoy a few laughs, learn some things you weren't aware of, come away with a little more support, and hopefully respect for the work a game warden does for wildlife and benefits created for those who care about our great natural resources today and for generations to come.

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First Edition
First originally published by Page Publishing 2023
Printed in the United States of America
Gary Ralson Book: The Game Warden and His Friend, Otto

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Page Publishing, Inc.

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April 3, 2023


254 pages, paperback

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ISBN-10: 1662480946
ISBN-13: 978-1662480942

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